The Golden Empire

Saturday February 11th, 2012

The Vanguard made their way to an inn known as the Sage’s Cask located in the mining Town of Xaros. Buptoz and Chris Vlchek made their way to the bar to relieve the events of the last few days with a few drinks. The local barkeep, Content Not Found: drake-carron approached Buptoz and asked, “What will ye be having?”. Buptoz and Chris Vlchek looked at one another and ordered the heaviest drink on the menu, a bucket of stout. Buptoz spoke with the barkeep for a time and learned the Town of Xaros was a very lucrative mining town. The surrounding hills are filled with Blue Iron and iron deposits and several mines exploit both resources. Drake also mentions that one of the woman sitting at the table behind them is looking for assistance for a problem. He didn’t mention what the work was, but he did say she liked ale. Buptoz ordered a round of drinks and with ale in hand walked over to speak with the woman.

The woman’s name is Content Not Found: elaine-dirver. She is a local merchant in town who controls the export of iron and Blue Iron. She claims here mining business is being harassed by bandits and is looking for any sell swords that are willing to help. She wants the Vanguard to locate her last shipment and recover it or slay the bandits that attacked it. Elaine also says this caravan was transporting valuable cargo. She offered a significant reward for finding this valuable cargo so Chris Vlchek and Buptoz promptly promise to help and left to regroup with the party.

For the next two days Petr Roy and Arcades Rubik worked on separate projects. Augustus Sunborne helped the poor and downtrodden with the healing power of scripture. The Vanguard then rested one more night before setting off to deal with a local goblin problem at a farm.

They traveled an hour along a dirt road and eventually saw a farm. The party noticed several burnt areas on the ground, “What could these be?” Arcades Rubik asked. The farmer’s description of the problem was fairly vague, but there were at least half a dozen goblins. There were two buildings, a wooden two story farmhouse and a barn and at over 1,500 paces the party could not see exactly how many goblins lurked on the farm.

Being the two stealthiest in the group, Arcades Rubik and Chris Vlchek scouted the two goblin lookouts keeping guard just outside the house while the rest of the group moved along the road. Chris Vlchek and Arcades Rubik stuck their way through the tan wheat field and within bow range without being noticed. However, the lookouts spotted the other heroes who had made no attempt to hide from the lookouts. One goblin blew a small horn and several goblins began raining arrows down on the heroes. Despite, many rounds of goblin fire, their arrows simply bounced off the hardened armour. Chris Vlchek revealed himself to fire an arrow through the neck of the first goblin spotter. Arcades Rubik also ran out of the wheat field firing a bullet which took the head off the second goblin spotter.

Though the party was still running towards the farmhouse and the barn they were still being showered with arrows by the goblins within both buildings. Chris Vlchek and Arcades Rubik shot a few of the goblins in the windows before a barrage of arrows went their way. Petr Roy was injured after letting several volleys of magic missiles by a goblin arrow and was afflicted with a mild toxin known as Content Not Found: red-lace.

Arcades Rubik and Chris Vlchek ran to the side of the farmhouse to avoid further archer fire, but a peg-legged goblin bashed the door open and looked at them. Both ranged fighters unleashed a salvo of arrows and bullets into the little goblin to find it didn’t knock him over! The little goblin screamed loudly and charged after the two heroes. Arcades Rubik and Chris Vlchek turned to look at one another, nodded in agreement, and fled towards their friends to regroup.
While the little goblin charged forward after the two heroes they notice he had a flail embedded into his chest. The goblin continued to intimidate the party as they noticed hundreds of battle scars on him. The party regrouped and unleashed a torrent of bullets, arrows, and magic, but despite the goblins toughness(and the Vanguards relief) he falls just short of the party!

The Vanguard defeats the remaining goblins and the party searches the area. They pull the master worked flail from the body of the tiny angry goblin. Augustus Sunborne restores the party from the many injuries taken during the fight. However, the party agrees the farmhouse is to be left alone as it is the farmer’s property.

The party returns to the Sage’s Cask to inform the farmer the farm has been cleared of the goblin menace. The farmer responds, “Neigh, the farm is not safe, as the goblins will most surely be back before tomorrow’s end.” The Vanguard present him his flail, which he is happy to have it back. He says, “I don’t know why the ground had burn marks on it, but I bet the goblins did it for some reason.” The group agrees to return to the farm tomorrow to see if any goblins return.

The next day the group returns to the farm prepared to fight the goblins again. The party believes the goblins are using fire arrows to light sections of the wheat field ablaze so the party decides to take the road up to the farm once again. Chris Vlchek and Arcades Rubik dispatch the majority of goblins with ease even before the other party members reach the farmhouse. Buptoz crashed through a closed window to attack the few remaining goblins inside. However, he was caught off guard to see the tiny goblin waiting for him. Buptoz gripped his axe tightly and prepared for the goblins charge.

The tiny goblin charged forward drinking a vile liquid. Fueled by the potion the tiny goblin lashed out striking him several times. However, one of Buptoz‘s attack’s sent his weapon straight into the hands of the incensed golbin! The goblin pulls the axe away from Buptoz despite the size difference. The little goblin arced the axe back to ready a swing with the mighty weapon.

Augustus Sunborne and Buptoz jumped out the window they used to get inside while other party members entered the house in order to fight tiny goblin. The goblin began swing round and round like a top slashing anything he hit to pieces. The party watched in horror as the tiny goblin decimated the inside of the farmhouse. However, Arcades Rubik fired his gun into the whirling dervish of carnage. The goblin fell to the ground, but not before releasing his death grip on Buptoz’s axe. The axe ripped though the last remaining wall and the building crumbled around the heroes.

Augustus Sunborne, Adeamer Talos, and Tyberious Wrex rushed into the debris to help dig their friends out. Augustus Sunborne tended to the wounds while Chris uses his tracking skills to find where Buptoz’s axe had gone, but the party was dumbfounded as they could not find the tiny goblins body. Buptoz found only a wooden peg leg to keep as a trophy.

The heroes staggered through the debris of the farmhouse and though they knew the goblin threat wasn’t over, who was responsible for the attacks. A shadow of doubt also existed for how did the tiny goblin survive the last encounter and was this the last time the party would encounter him. None new for sure… But, a sinister darkness watched attentively…



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