The Golden Empire

Saturday April 7th, 2012

Buptoz, Petr Roy and Adeamer Talos traveled to rejoin the rest of the party in the Town of Xaros. However, on their return trip the three members got lost and happened upon an old rope bridge that a robed figure stood at the center of stood. The figure’s robe was blue and was etched with black arcane symbols racing across it. He had a single weapon, a long sword which was inscribed with runes that were draconic in nature. Adeamer Talos halted his two friends with his arms and spoke, “I am for him and he is for me…” He walked the wooden strips towards his opponent, drew his own blade, and both warriors rushed one another…"

Adeamer Talos unleashed spells while the robed figure slashed at him with his blade. But as Adeamer Talos had nearly beaten him and sent him teetering back the robed figure unveiled his hood revealing a dragon’s head, it was a Draconian and it breathed a crackle of lightning that pushed and burned Adeamer Talos‘s shoulder. Adeamer Talos vision blurred for a moment and he saw his father’s blade shimmering with blue runes. The Draconian reeled and hummed air into his throat to unleash a final blast at Adeamer Talos, but Adeamer Talos remembered his father’s words, “This sword will shield you from the storm of a sky dragon, but you must be ready for it!” Adeamer Talos raised the sword and light and thunder crackled into the blade from the Draconians mouth and Adeamer Talos charged and thrust the blade into its mouth sending arcs of light everywhere as the creature’s body disintegrated leaving only his sword and robe on the bridge. “This duel is over, but my enemy Maximes still awaits me and neither he nor I will rest until the other is vanquished”, Adeamer Talos whispered to his glowing blade.

Petr Roy and Buptoz expressed an interest in joining the Tribe of One eye. The heroes returned to the Orc Village of Hyvan, but along the way the party found a wounded eagle being used as bait by an Orc hunter named Content Not Found: boar-the-hunter. He was an grey skinned and haired Orc with dozens of bones over his leather armor. His bow was made a single bone of a large creature and he had a bone nose ring. Chris Vlchek choose to shoot the wounded and defenseless bird instead of help it escape which garnered some favor with the old Orc hunter.

The Orcs of the Tribe of One eye offered the heroes a chance to join their tribe in a ritual designed to test their spirits. The heroes all accepted to test their metal against the trial and prove their worth. The first trial required the heroes to lift a boulder to prove the hero had strength, the second trial required the imbibing of a terrible herb named Content Not Found: gachi to prove the hero had resilience, and the last test was to show the hero had spirit to battle/subdue a wolf spirit. The entire party was eventually successful over the next few weeks and each was given a gift in accordance with their skills.

The Vanguard returned to the Town of Adham and passed through Falkens Pass. The party reached the Town of Adham on the summer sollstice which was a religious holiday for those that worship Pelor. Augustus Sunborne helped the city celebrate the holiday with gifts and food to many within the city.

The heroes have trekked along the west side of the Broken Mountains, but to pass into the unknown to lands only heard of this would be their first great step… The glacial pass of Falkens Pass lay before them with the dangers and riches that long sleep in those glacial peaks…



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