The Golden Empire

Friday July 13th, 2012

The heroes were ambushed by a group of Goblins riding wild boars. They screamed and howled as they charged at the party in hopes to avenge their village which was burned to the ground by the heroes. Petr Roy flew ahead on his war eagle to try and scout the advancing goblins to determine their number and strength. Petr Roy pulled his reins hard and flew straight up out of reach of the goblins as they raced to engage the remainder of the party. The party was rushed by the small riders and spearhead met shield as the party fell back from the onrushing goblins. However, Petr Roy unleashed a barrage bolts of magic from his hands while Arcades Rubik drew his brace of pistols and opened fire into the crowd of goblins. Adeamer Talos flung himself into the fray with his heirloom blade striking goblin and boar alike with blue discharges of electricity and ozone filling the air. Tyberious Wrex fought off the goblin charge with his lance and sword while his steadfast mount trampled many of the goblins itself. The battle ended with the leader of the goblins being struck down by Tyberious Wrex’s sword strike.

However, the goblin lived through the assault and was bleeding from his many sword injuries. lilalac-black called to Tyberious Wrex to ask him, “How should I kill this pitiful dretch, my master?” She asked Tyberious Wrex, “Shall I give him a painful end or let him die a slow death to prolong the pain master?Tyberious Wrex pushed her aside and spoke to dying goblin. Despite grievous injuries he uttered the words “_Fuck You!_” and spit in the paladin’s face. Tyberious Wrex looked to the heavens and questioned his faith while Petr Roy walked to the goblin and sliced his throat. lilalac-black cheered on both heroes and laughed as the goblin choked to death. Tyberious Wrex felt disgusted by the he and his friend’s actions though believing a different path should have been followed. The Vanguard decided to return to the City of Arcanna and prepare for a trip to the City of Geley. The land of merchants and silver.

The City of Geley is a beautiful metropolis filled to the brim with buildings, banners, and merchants as far as the eye could see. One building stood higher than any other with exception to the city’s palace. This building called out to the north and southern deserts like a jewel in a bed of rock. It was crafted with the same pulpit design as the palace, but with more flair and beauty. A sign outside of the structure read, “_The Cat’s Hall._” The party had heard this building was the most comfortable inn within the city and when the heroes viewed its interior, they saw what many would claim heaven to be. A Gnomish band named Cozy Shack played strange instruments which worked with electricity. Their music was eccentric as was the band, but the party found their music very appealing and tasteful.

The party spent some time wandering the large inn, but while looking about Petr Roy happened to see an Elf wearing a bracelet bearing the number “Nine” who was speaking to an old academy friend named Adam Fuller. Petr Roy strafed towards the table, but when Petr Roy arrived, Adam Fuller was gone. Petr Roy decided to sit and speak to the Elf who offered him a seat. The Elf and Petr Roy traded words about his friend Adam Fuller, but the Elf refused to give any advice save if Petr Roy wants to find his friend he should look for him hiself. Petr Roy knows this Elf knows more than he’s saying and showing, but Petr Roy could not get him to speak of it. Petr Roy turned to leave, but he looked back to see the Elf was gone… Nowhere to be seen…

Petr Roy began his hunt for Adam Fuller in the vast city, but with little to work with. He decided the band which is mainly composed of mostly Gnomes would be a good start. He waited until their performance was over and approached them about his friend. He hoped they knew a few hangouts where other Gnomes hung out. The lead singer, oni-banter didn’t remember seeing another gnome outside their group today but did seem to have an interest in finding some special merchandise. As an alchemist in training, Petr Roy was more than happy to oblige and provided a few samples for oni-banter and his group.

Petr Roy informed the group he was going to fly back to Town of Westerly Winds and bring Hobse Bophubb the bodies he required so Petr Roy could learn Hobse Bophubb ways. Tyberious Wrex sought out a temple to pray for guidance since the day on the battlefield with the goblins. He felt something was amiss and needed to atone for his actions or inaction during battle.

These Vanguard have risen to many challenges… Soon they may see mine. Though they seek evil in all of its forms I wonder what they will do when we finally meet. Will they draw blades?… Will they claim ignorance?… Will they behold my dark glory in horror, wonder, or reverence?… I am still watching… Still waiting…

From the Requiem of
The Outsider…



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