The Golden Empire

Friday January 6th, 2012

When we last left our heroes they were resting the temple of Pelor within the Town of Adham. After a harrowing ordeal in Guinness’s tower the Vanguard took a small reprieve to lick their wounds. After their rest the party set off into the town to complete various tasks while Augustus Sunborne ventured into the town to visit Lyne Trebuchet. Augustus Sunborne was concerned with the current state of the temple of Pelor was visiting Lyne Trebuchet to inquire about masons to repair the temple. Lyne Trebuchet stated that all the masons in town were working for Galindor Evermask. She suggested Augustus Sunborne should discuss the situation with him. Augustus Sunborne noted that Lyne Trebuchet found it very curious that the masons in the city seemed to be focusing on “cosmetic” repairs such as the wellspring instead of important repairs such as the city walls. Though she seemed overjoyed the town was being cleaned up so she could help more in its restoration now that it wasn’t as dirty!

While Augustus Sunborne spoke with Lyne Trebuchet, Adeamer Talos visited the city’s blacksmith Content Not Found: robert-greys_. Content Not Found: robert-greys_ gave Adeamer Talos the opportunity to hone his craft and earn some coin. Chris Vlchek choose to have some fun with Content Not Found: ainen-trey. They enjoyed a nice day together though Chris Vlchek is concerned that she may be becoming a little over attached. Petr Roy, Tyberious Wrex and, Buptoz visited the [[Warlock’s Purse]]. Tyberious Wrex and Buptoz became interested in training under Riffolk Scofflaw. He asked them to drink five Gutshakers without puking to prove they were worth the effort to train. However, despite a cheering crowd they both failed the seemingly simple task to drink the fowl liquid.

After speaking with Lyne Trebuchet, Augustus Sunborne choose to visit the [[Warlock’s Purse]] to discuss hiring masons from Galindor Evermask to repair the temple. He informs Augustus Sunborne he will be able to supply the masons in two months time after he has finished repairing certain projects of his own. Augustus Sunborne spoke at great length with Galindor Evermask regarding their beliefs. Augustus Sunborne spoke of his ideals of the greater good and faith to Pelor. Galindor Evermask valued the ideas of order and logic of chance (Known as probability!). Galindor Evermask also spoke of his hate towards the gods (He referred to them as bastards!). During the conversation, Galindor Evermask informed him he would directly oppose his vision of the new town. However, he refused to speak of this plan in any detail leading many within the party to wonder what sort of plan he had in store for the town.
Tyberious Wrex and Buptoz visited Adeamer Talos and Content Not Found: robert-greys_ at his smithy. The Vanguard had come into possession (Thanks to the hardiness of Buptoz!) of a rare ore called Content Not Found: meteoric-iron_. They showed it to Robert in hoped he would be able to work with the metal to create superior weapons and armor. After his examination of this new metal, he concluded he could create a new alloy using Blue Iron and this Content Not Found: meteoric-iron. The party is excited to hear the possibility, but Content Not Found: robert-greys is missing the raw materials to research it further. He was able to smelt two pounds of the raw ore into ingots for future use though. Arcades Rubik spent the day studying his new schematics.

The next day the party decided to continue to cleanse the temple of Pelor from the undead underneath it. As they reached the alter room, the ominous voice they had heard before asked them to present an offering as tribute. Augustus Sunborne demanded the evil leave the temple grounds forever. However, the ominous voice responded, “You have no right to make that demand here priest of Pelor!“ Shadows swirled towards the party revealing eleven menacing dark figures. Augustus Sunborne raised his holy symbol and shouted his holy litany at the dark shapes annihilating six figures leaving small Soul Shards in their place. However, the remaining shadows fought with unholy vigor against the party inflicting terrible damage before being destroyed. Petr Roy collected the Soul Shards so they could be destroyed to free the spirits within.

After the battle Arcades Rubik approached the two unopened doors in the altar room. He found traps on each door and realized these magical traps are beyond his abilities to remove. He did learn the traps seal the catacombs for one hour after being triggered limiting the parties retreat. He opened the south door leading to another room containing a ruby Power Node. However, the ominous voice within the temple called for another defender to protect the treasure. Without a sound, another large shadow beast materialized to defend the Power Node. The shadow beast fought with the same vigor and ability as the last one the heroes fought, but it was wreathed with red flames about it. Moon Beam erupted with energy casting its glow over the temple alter area. The creature’s attacks are met with the coordinated defenses the party brought to combat the creature and despite the powerful attacks, it is annihilated under the party’s strength. The Vanguard struck the creature down leaving nothing but a large steaming Soul Shard on the floor . However, despite the heroes best efforts one Power Node remained. The party collected the soul gems and ruby Power Node and returned to the surface while Augustus Sunborne planned his return trip to cleanse the temple.

Over the next few days the party rests and recuperates its lost strength while they decide who should destroy the Soul Shards. Petr Roy began reading the book found in the temple of Vecna under the Pelor temple (much to Augustus’s dismay). Tyberious Wrex and Buptoz once again attempt to drink five Gutshakers in a row. However, they leave the inn with the foul taste of defeat in their mouth (Though it may just be vomit!). Adeamer Talos spent the next few days studying and honing his skills while Arcades Rubik continued his research on how to build the droids the party battled in Guinness’s tower. Augustus Sunborne attempts to spread the good word of Pelor but Galindor Evermask foils the attempt with a few well chosen words.

Once the party regained their strength they chose to head to the gnomish district in the Town of Adham known as Tinsel Town. They asked the residents of the district if they would know where they could some Fizban’s best. Most of residents directed them towards Guinness’s tower. The Vanguard knew they could acquire it there, but do not wish to fight the horrible mechanical spider. A few residents also believe Galindor Evermask may have a supply of the liquid and that it is within his warehouse but no one seems to be able to find it (a form of protection?). One rumor suggested the entrance may exist within the Warlocks Purse itself.

Arcades Rubik departed for the [[Warlock’s Purse]] to see if the rumor had any truth to it. He investigated the dining room of the Inn and noticed three paintings on the wall that are of some interest. The first painting is of Galindor Evermask himself, the second painting displays the exterior of the [[Warlock’s Purse]], and the third painting is of a nearby mountain range. The mountains seem to have a pattern to them as if the painter was standing in a particular location to arrange them in a fashion! Arcades Rubik follows the gaze of where Galindor Evermask’s painting is peering at and finds a panel on the wall. However, he doesn’t have the slightest idea on how to open it. Galindor Evermask informs the party he is not familiar with this said secret door and states the heroes may investigate anything within the Inn so long as they do not damage his home or his favorite paintings (Specifically his!).

A short time after searching throughout the city the party is approached by a messenger boy who tells them Galindor Evermask has asked for their presence in the [[Warlock’s Purse]] to discuss a matter of some importance. The party quickly assembled to the Inn to speak with Galindor Evermask who states Mira Reed has set off to avenge her family by attempting to slay a giant spider responsible for killing her family. Galindor Evermask believes that she is in grave danger and will surely die in a short time. The party decides they must save Mira Reed.

Will the Vanguard be able to save Mira from a gruesome death? Will they be able to return Guinness to his normal state? What about the shrine under the temple? What forces conspire to harm those closest to the heroes and what role does Galindor play in this? Prepare heroes, for this is only a taste of what is to come!



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