The Golden Empire

Friday July 13th, 2012

The heroes were ambushed by a group of Goblins riding wild boars. They screamed and howled as they charged at the party in hopes to avenge their village which was burned to the ground by the heroes. Petr Roy flew ahead on his war eagle to try and scout the advancing goblins to determine their number and strength. Petr Roy pulled his reins hard and flew straight up out of reach of the goblins as they raced to engage the remainder of the party. The party was rushed by the small riders and spearhead met shield as the party fell back from the onrushing goblins. However, Petr Roy unleashed a barrage bolts of magic from his hands while Arcades Rubik drew his brace of pistols and opened fire into the crowd of goblins. Adeamer Talos flung himself into the fray with his heirloom blade striking goblin and boar alike with blue discharges of electricity and ozone filling the air. Tyberious Wrex fought off the goblin charge with his lance and sword while his steadfast mount trampled many of the goblins itself. The battle ended with the leader of the goblins being struck down by Tyberious Wrex’s sword strike.

However, the goblin lived through the assault and was bleeding from his many sword injuries. lilalac-black called to Tyberious Wrex to ask him, “How should I kill this pitiful dretch, my master?” She asked Tyberious Wrex, “Shall I give him a painful end or let him die a slow death to prolong the pain master?Tyberious Wrex pushed her aside and spoke to dying goblin. Despite grievous injuries he uttered the words “_Fuck You!_” and spit in the paladin’s face. Tyberious Wrex looked to the heavens and questioned his faith while Petr Roy walked to the goblin and sliced his throat. lilalac-black cheered on both heroes and laughed as the goblin choked to death. Tyberious Wrex felt disgusted by the he and his friend’s actions though believing a different path should have been followed. The Vanguard decided to return to the City of Arcanna and prepare for a trip to the City of Geley. The land of merchants and silver.

The City of Geley is a beautiful metropolis filled to the brim with buildings, banners, and merchants as far as the eye could see. One building stood higher than any other with exception to the city’s palace. This building called out to the north and southern deserts like a jewel in a bed of rock. It was crafted with the same pulpit design as the palace, but with more flair and beauty. A sign outside of the structure read, “_The Cat’s Hall._” The party had heard this building was the most comfortable inn within the city and when the heroes viewed its interior, they saw what many would claim heaven to be. A Gnomish band named Cozy Shack played strange instruments which worked with electricity. Their music was eccentric as was the band, but the party found their music very appealing and tasteful.

The party spent some time wandering the large inn, but while looking about Petr Roy happened to see an Elf wearing a bracelet bearing the number “Nine” who was speaking to an old academy friend named Adam Fuller. Petr Roy strafed towards the table, but when Petr Roy arrived, Adam Fuller was gone. Petr Roy decided to sit and speak to the Elf who offered him a seat. The Elf and Petr Roy traded words about his friend Adam Fuller, but the Elf refused to give any advice save if Petr Roy wants to find his friend he should look for him hiself. Petr Roy knows this Elf knows more than he’s saying and showing, but Petr Roy could not get him to speak of it. Petr Roy turned to leave, but he looked back to see the Elf was gone… Nowhere to be seen…

Petr Roy began his hunt for Adam Fuller in the vast city, but with little to work with. He decided the band which is mainly composed of mostly Gnomes would be a good start. He waited until their performance was over and approached them about his friend. He hoped they knew a few hangouts where other Gnomes hung out. The lead singer, oni-banter didn’t remember seeing another gnome outside their group today but did seem to have an interest in finding some special merchandise. As an alchemist in training, Petr Roy was more than happy to oblige and provided a few samples for oni-banter and his group.

Petr Roy informed the group he was going to fly back to Town of Westerly Winds and bring Hobse Bophubb the bodies he required so Petr Roy could learn Hobse Bophubb ways. Tyberious Wrex sought out a temple to pray for guidance since the day on the battlefield with the goblins. He felt something was amiss and needed to atone for his actions or inaction during battle.

These Vanguard have risen to many challenges… Soon they may see mine. Though they seek evil in all of its forms I wonder what they will do when we finally meet. Will they draw blades?… Will they claim ignorance?… Will they behold my dark glory in horror, wonder, or reverence?… I am still watching… Still waiting…

From the Requiem of
The Outsider…

Tuesday June 12th, 2012

The Vanguard continued to survey the center of the volcano after defeating the Magmen Content Not Found: the-outsider_ had summoned to try and stop the ritual that saved the City of Arcanna. They returned to the Salamander they had dubbed _Content Not Found: vulkan and had their weapons and arms repaired.

Content Not Found: vulkan_ picked up ten mithril bars and pointed at a painting with a blazing effigy and a golden crown. The painting bore the title of Fire King Anon and _Content Not Found: vulkan touched the crown on the painting and clenched the bars of mithril in a fist.

The party traveled deep into the mountain and came to a room filled with Magmen and the Fire King Agnon. The effigy had the torso of a man, but fire where his legs were. He was dressed in loose clothing which did not burn despite the heat. He also wore an assortment of jewelry which almost appeared gaudy, but id much to show his wealth. The Fire King challenged the heroes with a single one on one challenge if they dared to face him or they could fight him and his minions. Petr Roy accepted his challenge and wagered a magical tome against the Fire King’s crown.

Petr Roy was defeated rather quickly by the Fire King’s powerful attacks and magical defenses which left Petr Roy no chance to harm the creature. Petr Roy asked the Fire King if there was another way to secure some treasure from the haughty king. The Fire King responded, I will give a jewel from my personal store of treasure to each of you or Petr’s book for the delivery of a letter to the dwarves. I also generously extend that payment if you choose to destroy all of the unwholesome kin in the heated tunnels below my lair.

The huge Fire King grinned, I also harbor great ill will a group of mind flayers nearby in the crystal caves. Destroy them and I will graciously offer you each a small request of my power.

The vanguard agreed to look into each of the tasks and continued fourth to fight several groups of Magmen which inflicted grievous injuries to their arms and armour. The party was forced to withdraw from the inner levels of the mountain once again…

These Vanguard have seen light and dark powers of our world, but what of the powers that harbor neither interest? Would they seek to aid creatures with only self interest in mind… For coin? Is the path of a mercenary the only path these heroes will accept? Is there more to these treasure hunters than a mere coin will tell… We will see… In time… Mwhahahahahahahaha….

From the Requiem of
The Outsider…

Saturday June 2nd, 2012

Within the City of Arcanna, in the city of magic, Petr Roy entered into Baltar Academy. The Vanguard took some time to prepare and re-supply to continue their search ever forward to find the Golden Empire. Petr Roy continued his search to locate the elusive mage known as Content Not Found: eli_ by speaking with his old academy teachers and students who still seem unaware of who _Content Not Found: eli is or where he might be.

Petr Roy was given a note to seek out the locker he used during the academy and found a strange wand known to him as Nine’s Instructor’s Wand. Petr Roy tested the wand on a squirrel in a nearby tree and found the instructor’s wand was not only operational, but its effects became more effective as he concentrated. Petr Roy pocketed the wand though he could not explain the note he had received from the messenger.

Tyberious Wrex and Chris Vlchek spoke to the city’s blacksmith in the City of Arcanna, who in fact was an artificer named Content Not Found: alcaster_. _Content Not Found: alcaster wore a white robe inscribed with glyphs of magic and a blindfold over his eyes. He indicated he had never heard their footsteps before and he would remember them should they return. He also indicated he enchanted items for a price. Two fifteen foot tall stone golems peered over the adventurers as they spoke making the two heroes nervous, but curious about this individual.

Tyberious Wrex inquired about Content Not Found: alcaster_ and about the weapons he was enchanting now. _Content Not Found: alcaster looked towards the sky and responded, I am enchanting holy weapons for the war being fought between the elves. I have also been commissioned by the paladins of Bahamut order to fight against the Daconians. However, I don’t see the point of your people’s war and it will end in tragedy for both sides.

Tyberious Wrex asked Content Not Found: alcaster_ which Elves he was helping and _Content Not Found: alcaster responded, I have been enchanting Elven weapons since the war began and it appears I will see its end after all. Even if that end is tragic as well…

Arcades Rubik used the Content Not Found: mana-stones to rejuvenate his energy allowing him to cast spells to identify magical items he had collected. The party informed Augustus Sunborne of the crypts below the city and choose to use the Chalice of Pride to identify several magical items.

Phonato-Theusige sent the Vanguard to mine a special ore, but along the journey they came across a savaged caravan. The bodies of the fallen lay in the twilight hours as Gnolls ransacked its contents looking for valuables. The Vanguard crashed into the barbaric horde of creatures cutting the savages down in hopes to find survivors. A sole guard was found alive, but gravely wounded while Augustus Sunborne attempted both medicine and divine healing to save him in vain. The guard whispered, Get chest… To Arcanna… Phonato… Or we all… Die…

The Vanguard discovered the chest in one of the toppled carts, but the damaged iron trunk proved too damaged to locksmith open and the party after some debate lit the cart on fire in hopes the trunk would be damaged. The plan was successful and Petr Roy used his magic to extinguish the flames revealing the Content Not Found: tiara-of-pain. Petr Roy felt the magic emanating from the crown tried to take the crown, but was knocked unconscious by the might of this relic. Tyberious Wrex used his sword to drop it into Arcades Rubik’s backpack, but the relic struck him unconscious as well.

The party choose to take the relic to Phonato-Theusige. When the party reached his mansion he explained that the crown was on its way to him with a large contingent of guards protecting the caravan. He explained, This crown is part of the ritual to keep the magic of the town alive and prevent a catastrophic event from Three Peak itself. The ritual is preformed every nine years by a specially chosen mage. I would like your group to oversee this ritual as soon as possible and for your time and efforts I will reward you handsomely. This tiara must be worn by the chosen female mage and no one else. It will kill any man who wears it, though most succumb to unconsciousness by touch.

Phonato-Theusige looked towards the volcano, To perform this ritual, you will choose one of his three assistants based on their abilities and take them to the center of the volcano so they can perform the ritual. Good Luck…

The Vanguard chose a young mage named Kira whose specialty was protection spells. She placed the tiara on her head and her eyes glowed a deep white. The party traveled into Three Peak following the path as it was laid before them, but small goblin-like creatures made from magma gushed from cracks in the walls and floor. The battle ended victorious for the heroes, but their gear and bodies were left mangled after the fight due to extreme heat.

Chris Vlchek spotted some writing on the wall which only Kira was able to read. She said, It means only one whose soul burns can continue this pact.

The party then came across a serpent like creature known as salamander, but despite their bad reputation this one stood at a white hot forge. He remained silent to the party’s questions, but motioned towards the damaged weapons and armour the party had and to the forge where he stood chained to. The salamander repaired broken weapons and re-forged several others without payment or any noise other than the beating of hammer strikes.

The parry dove deeper into the base of Three Peak and found three salamanders imprisoned in cages and two heavily armed guards brandishing two handed scimitars protecting an entrance to an underground fortress or city. Tyberious Wrex tried to speak with the guards, but they responded only with a hissing noise and strange gestures. Some of the writing on the archways indicated, The Fall of the Serpent Queen.

The party then continued to the central chamber of the volcano where a huge blue fire elemental floated at its center, Bring fourth the one worthy of the power…

Kira looked at the party, I don’t think its safe. This room is full of evil magic and if I go in…

Tyberious Wrex responded, We will protect you while you perform the ritual. Believe me, we will not fail!

Kira looked at Tyberious Wrex and said, ok I will go…

Kira began the ritual as the party took up positions around her. The Magmen charged fourth from all sides while the party fought wave after wave of the creatures. Weapons were charred, armour was melted, but Kira completed the ritual and both the elemental and Kira vanished annihilating the remaining magma creatures. But what happened to Kira?

The party theorized and later confirmed with Phonato-Theusige Kira was intended to be a sacrifice for the greater good of the City of Arcanna which saddened and angered Tyberious Wrex for the role they played with a ritualistic sacrifice… However, as promised Phonato-Theusige kept his promise to reward the heroes with enchantments and money to continue their venture… Though some of the party wished they had investigated this task better or they could have found a way to spare the young mage’s life…

However, the City of Arcanna, the city of magic and its Content Not Found: mana-stones glow in the dimming lights of the world. What further sacrifices must the heroes make to find the Golden Empire? Will the price be worth the sacrifice? Arcanna chooses to sacrifice a hero every nine years to keep their heritage… What are you willing to sacrifice to find yours?

Saturday May 19th, 2012

The Vanguard had traveled to the city of magic, the City of Arcanna. After visiting Lyne Trebuchet the party went to see the High Chancellor of the city, Phonato-Theusige. The party was turned away from Phonato-Theusige‘s tower, but the soldiers ushered them to Phonato’s mansion. The party watched in awe as the mansion’s interior floated… Chairs, desks, and even his people floated, walking on ground that could not be seen. Magical devices float through the air and despite the levels of magical energy and wonder… A well dressed young woman looks at the party and utters in a demanding voice, “Hello, this is the Phonato residence, please have a seat and Phonato will be with you shortly.

The great conjurer informed the party about his tower which had fallen to a dangerous creature known as a chimera. He warned the group, “Beware chimera are vicious and intelligent. This one is no exception and it likes my tower. I originally had planned to control the creature, but it has proven less than compliant with my demands… Deal with this creature and I will reward you well for your efforts.

Phonato-Theusige turned away, “Oh and one more thing, below this city lies a crypt with equal parts evil and treasure… I wouldn’t tell you to wander its labyrinth, but it couldn’t hurt.Tyberious Wrex found a strange Draconian named Lilalac Black. She was a black venom type of draconian with strange fluorescent markings stretching up and down her lithe body. She has a voracious appetite for most men and even the paladin Tyberious Wrex was not immune to her charms(Mwhahahha…). When Tyberious Wrex awoke the next morning(Sore…Hahahahaha!) she had already left. Tyberious Wrex looked about her room(Like any normal guy would!) to get a better sense of his new love and discovered a small chest filled with strange vials filled with an orange liquid and a sacrificial dagger with Tiamat markings.

Tyberious Wrex also noticed Lilalac Black possessed large amounts of clothing. He commissioned a tailor to make a dress with a lavender inlay. However, on his way to give the dress to Lilalac Black, Tyberious Wrex was ambushed in an ally. He vanquished two sets of attackers, before two cloaked figures approached from opposites sites of the ally. Lilalac Black and a server girl named Hana both told Tyberious Wrex the other planned to kill him. He charged Hana despite knowing Lilalac Black was most likely an assassin. From the corner of his eye he saw Lilalac Black raise a crossbow from her cloak and fire a bolt… Tyberious Wrex felt time slow down as the bolt traveled towards him… “Was I wrong?” The bolt wisked by his arm and hit Hana in the chest. Lilalac Black looked at Tyberious Wrex and said, “Finish her, there is no mercy for assassins!Tyberious Wrex looked at the wounded assassin and without a word struck her through the heart…

Petr Roy traveled to Baltar Academy to visit his old teachers, but found some things had changed. His elemental teacher [[:mr.-elli]] was no longer teaching at the school and furthermore no one even remembered him. The academy’s records, class schedules, and even photos had been changed from what Petr Roy remembered. Petr Roy also learned his father, calon-roy was one of the students to graduate as a vale-Victorian.

The Vanguard descended into the crypts beneath the city on Phonato-Theusige’s word grand treasures existed below the city. The entire crypt seemed dedicated to Pelor as the first room bore his emblem beneath a sarcophagus. A group of skeletons attacked the group when they opened the sarcophagus and released a powerful wraith. After putting those souls to peace, the party traveled to the next room to find a similar situation and enemies(Something felt amiss though no one said anything!). Searching through the crypt the heroes found many items of power including a variety of small magical items with little power… But if they were to delve deeper…

Darkness and deceit run deeper as the heroes immerse themselves into the political intrigue. The events at Baltar Academy and the deceptive actions by Lilalac Black are only the beginning. But for each deception a question must be asked… Why? The heroes looked on through the stained glass window of truth and saw the world was jaded against them…

Saturday April 7th, 2012

Buptoz, Petr Roy and Adeamer Talos traveled to rejoin the rest of the party in the Town of Xaros. However, on their return trip the three members got lost and happened upon an old rope bridge that a robed figure stood at the center of stood. The figure’s robe was blue and was etched with black arcane symbols racing across it. He had a single weapon, a long sword which was inscribed with runes that were draconic in nature. Adeamer Talos halted his two friends with his arms and spoke, “I am for him and he is for me…” He walked the wooden strips towards his opponent, drew his own blade, and both warriors rushed one another…"

Adeamer Talos unleashed spells while the robed figure slashed at him with his blade. But as Adeamer Talos had nearly beaten him and sent him teetering back the robed figure unveiled his hood revealing a dragon’s head, it was a Draconian and it breathed a crackle of lightning that pushed and burned Adeamer Talos‘s shoulder. Adeamer Talos vision blurred for a moment and he saw his father’s blade shimmering with blue runes. The Draconian reeled and hummed air into his throat to unleash a final blast at Adeamer Talos, but Adeamer Talos remembered his father’s words, “This sword will shield you from the storm of a sky dragon, but you must be ready for it!” Adeamer Talos raised the sword and light and thunder crackled into the blade from the Draconians mouth and Adeamer Talos charged and thrust the blade into its mouth sending arcs of light everywhere as the creature’s body disintegrated leaving only his sword and robe on the bridge. “This duel is over, but my enemy Maximes still awaits me and neither he nor I will rest until the other is vanquished”, Adeamer Talos whispered to his glowing blade.

Petr Roy and Buptoz expressed an interest in joining the Tribe of One eye. The heroes returned to the Orc Village of Hyvan, but along the way the party found a wounded eagle being used as bait by an Orc hunter named Content Not Found: boar-the-hunter. He was an grey skinned and haired Orc with dozens of bones over his leather armor. His bow was made a single bone of a large creature and he had a bone nose ring. Chris Vlchek choose to shoot the wounded and defenseless bird instead of help it escape which garnered some favor with the old Orc hunter.

The Orcs of the Tribe of One eye offered the heroes a chance to join their tribe in a ritual designed to test their spirits. The heroes all accepted to test their metal against the trial and prove their worth. The first trial required the heroes to lift a boulder to prove the hero had strength, the second trial required the imbibing of a terrible herb named Content Not Found: gachi to prove the hero had resilience, and the last test was to show the hero had spirit to battle/subdue a wolf spirit. The entire party was eventually successful over the next few weeks and each was given a gift in accordance with their skills.

The Vanguard returned to the Town of Adham and passed through Falkens Pass. The party reached the Town of Adham on the summer sollstice which was a religious holiday for those that worship Pelor. Augustus Sunborne helped the city celebrate the holiday with gifts and food to many within the city.

The heroes have trekked along the west side of the Broken Mountains, but to pass into the unknown to lands only heard of this would be their first great step… The glacial pass of Falkens Pass lay before them with the dangers and riches that long sleep in those glacial peaks…

Saturday March 3rd, 2012

The ordeal at Falkens Crest left the a party crest fallen. The black Glass Wall spoke words to the questions we spat at it, but were they all lies? Augustus Sunborne was most sullen as the aged old man Tzar Everwind was forced to battle his own blood, Maximes in a duel to the death. Tzar Everwind’s final request to rest with his beloved Xaros would die with the old dragon’s final breath as Maximes towered over Tzar Everwind’s broken body never knowing the truth about his father.

Though the party returned to the Town of Xaros they spent the next few days in reclusion to question their beliefs and the words the Glass Wall spoke. The wall spoke of a different empire… The Empirical Empire, but was this just a different name for the Golden Empire , a deception from the Glass Wall, or something else entirely.

Arcades Rubik designed and built his first creation. It was a rusty chicken creature called a Mechano Chicken. Tyberious Wrex departed to talk to the captain of the guard within the Town of Xaros. Content Not Found: jobe-crank who is the captain of the guard was a fat lazy man with no intention of performing his duty and Tyberious Wrex seemed determined to help the town rebuild its defenses. Tyberious Wrex took interest in the bone blade above the captain’s head, but it seemed old and fragile and hadn’t been moved in years.

Buptoz bought a new set of studded leather to replace the set that was destroyed and a fine cloak that resized itself to Buptoz’s size. Buptoz also learned the local tailor named Content Not Found: aliaj-palve_ in town was in need of _Content Not Found: elven-cotton. The elven nation of the Order of the Shining Star is said to have great deal of this cotton available, but no caravan has come from there in a great while. Petr Roy gave Augustus Sunborne the vile book of Vecna the party found which he brought to the center of the Town of Xaros and burned it for all to see. However, some wondered if destroying the knowledge within the book only furthered the aims of great “Keeper of Secrets” Vecna.

Content Not Found: jobe-crank_ informed Tyberious Wrex of a guard Content Not Found: gary_, who seemed to know about the local bandits. Content Not Found: gary_ asked the party to liberate some stolen horses and offered half their value as a reward should the party free any. _Content Not Found: gary also wanted the party to retrieve a special dagger from their leader. Tyberious Wrex discerned Content Not Found: gary’s alignment and found he was not only evil, but his aura flickered around him like a flame. Did that mean he was an evil monster or perhaps a victim of some sort of curse?

The party traveled west to the location marked on Content Not Found: gary‘s where the small palisade. Buptoz charged into the camp slaying a half-dozen bandits while Chris Vlchek unleashed a hail of arrows against the bandits who were out ranged by Chris Vlchek’s Elven Bow. With the last of the bandits defeated, the party pressed on to the entrance of the palisade’s keep to find their leader. The wood structure seemed eerie and quiet as leaves rustled over the dead bandits…

A shadowed silhouette appeared on the second floor balcony looking down at the heroes, “Hello heroes, I have been told of your deeds and I would like to offer you a chance to serve a greater purpose here in Xaros!”

The party responded, “What and why should we help a bandit like you?!”

Shadowed Silhoutte, “I am prepared to offer you 1,000 gold to slay vile leadership here. What sayst thou? Would you like to serve the Order of the Shadow Veil? Or would you prefer to battle me here?”

The party jeered at the bandit lord, “We will never serve your kind, and you are a monster for asking us to murder Adeamer’s mother.”

Shadowed Silhoutte, “Then enter my abode and may you find the death you are searching for.”

The heroes charged into the wood keep and entered the main entryway from which there were three doors. The party burst into the first door revealing a store room filled with goods from the Town of Adham. The east door was a dormitory with four bunk beds. The third archway lead upstairs into a room with eight granite stone statues in various depictions and 4 flickering braziers.

Chris Vlchek shot an arrow into one of the statue and noticed it did not sound like a metal arrow tip on stone. These statues began to move sharp and staggered movements and they disappeared into the shadows in the room. To limit the shadows effects in the room, Petr Roy used his magic and extinguished some of the braziers.

The party then entered combat with these rogues, but they struck at our backs while a few held our attention. After the all the braziers had been extinguished and a stable light source was provided the battle turned to the Vanguard‘s favor. With eight granite thieves dead the party members staggered catching their breath, but as they looked about the bandit’s leader was nowhere to be seen.

The bandits stolen treasures filled the only adjacent room, but as the heroes went to claim it, a trip wire was sprung and the trap opened several alcoves that began pouring burning Greek fire throughout the keep. Most of the party greedily sought through the treasure, but ended badly burned in the flames. Petr Roy and Arcades Rubik were injured the most during the encounter and would spend the next week or two recovering.

But what is the heroes’ next move? Who or what is the organization called the Order of the Shadow Veil and what is their interest in this small mountain town? A shadow looms over the Town of Xaros, but will its vile evil shroud the entire land in darkness?

Saturday February 11th, 2012

The Vanguard made their way to an inn known as the Sage’s Cask located in the mining Town of Xaros. Buptoz and Chris Vlchek made their way to the bar to relieve the events of the last few days with a few drinks. The local barkeep, Content Not Found: drake-carron approached Buptoz and asked, “What will ye be having?”. Buptoz and Chris Vlchek looked at one another and ordered the heaviest drink on the menu, a bucket of stout. Buptoz spoke with the barkeep for a time and learned the Town of Xaros was a very lucrative mining town. The surrounding hills are filled with Blue Iron and iron deposits and several mines exploit both resources. Drake also mentions that one of the woman sitting at the table behind them is looking for assistance for a problem. He didn’t mention what the work was, but he did say she liked ale. Buptoz ordered a round of drinks and with ale in hand walked over to speak with the woman.

The woman’s name is Content Not Found: elaine-dirver. She is a local merchant in town who controls the export of iron and Blue Iron. She claims here mining business is being harassed by bandits and is looking for any sell swords that are willing to help. She wants the Vanguard to locate her last shipment and recover it or slay the bandits that attacked it. Elaine also says this caravan was transporting valuable cargo. She offered a significant reward for finding this valuable cargo so Chris Vlchek and Buptoz promptly promise to help and left to regroup with the party.

For the next two days Petr Roy and Arcades Rubik worked on separate projects. Augustus Sunborne helped the poor and downtrodden with the healing power of scripture. The Vanguard then rested one more night before setting off to deal with a local goblin problem at a farm.

They traveled an hour along a dirt road and eventually saw a farm. The party noticed several burnt areas on the ground, “What could these be?” Arcades Rubik asked. The farmer’s description of the problem was fairly vague, but there were at least half a dozen goblins. There were two buildings, a wooden two story farmhouse and a barn and at over 1,500 paces the party could not see exactly how many goblins lurked on the farm.

Being the two stealthiest in the group, Arcades Rubik and Chris Vlchek scouted the two goblin lookouts keeping guard just outside the house while the rest of the group moved along the road. Chris Vlchek and Arcades Rubik stuck their way through the tan wheat field and within bow range without being noticed. However, the lookouts spotted the other heroes who had made no attempt to hide from the lookouts. One goblin blew a small horn and several goblins began raining arrows down on the heroes. Despite, many rounds of goblin fire, their arrows simply bounced off the hardened armour. Chris Vlchek revealed himself to fire an arrow through the neck of the first goblin spotter. Arcades Rubik also ran out of the wheat field firing a bullet which took the head off the second goblin spotter.

Though the party was still running towards the farmhouse and the barn they were still being showered with arrows by the goblins within both buildings. Chris Vlchek and Arcades Rubik shot a few of the goblins in the windows before a barrage of arrows went their way. Petr Roy was injured after letting several volleys of magic missiles by a goblin arrow and was afflicted with a mild toxin known as Content Not Found: red-lace.

Arcades Rubik and Chris Vlchek ran to the side of the farmhouse to avoid further archer fire, but a peg-legged goblin bashed the door open and looked at them. Both ranged fighters unleashed a salvo of arrows and bullets into the little goblin to find it didn’t knock him over! The little goblin screamed loudly and charged after the two heroes. Arcades Rubik and Chris Vlchek turned to look at one another, nodded in agreement, and fled towards their friends to regroup.
While the little goblin charged forward after the two heroes they notice he had a flail embedded into his chest. The goblin continued to intimidate the party as they noticed hundreds of battle scars on him. The party regrouped and unleashed a torrent of bullets, arrows, and magic, but despite the goblins toughness(and the Vanguards relief) he falls just short of the party!

The Vanguard defeats the remaining goblins and the party searches the area. They pull the master worked flail from the body of the tiny angry goblin. Augustus Sunborne restores the party from the many injuries taken during the fight. However, the party agrees the farmhouse is to be left alone as it is the farmer’s property.

The party returns to the Sage’s Cask to inform the farmer the farm has been cleared of the goblin menace. The farmer responds, “Neigh, the farm is not safe, as the goblins will most surely be back before tomorrow’s end.” The Vanguard present him his flail, which he is happy to have it back. He says, “I don’t know why the ground had burn marks on it, but I bet the goblins did it for some reason.” The group agrees to return to the farm tomorrow to see if any goblins return.

The next day the group returns to the farm prepared to fight the goblins again. The party believes the goblins are using fire arrows to light sections of the wheat field ablaze so the party decides to take the road up to the farm once again. Chris Vlchek and Arcades Rubik dispatch the majority of goblins with ease even before the other party members reach the farmhouse. Buptoz crashed through a closed window to attack the few remaining goblins inside. However, he was caught off guard to see the tiny goblin waiting for him. Buptoz gripped his axe tightly and prepared for the goblins charge.

The tiny goblin charged forward drinking a vile liquid. Fueled by the potion the tiny goblin lashed out striking him several times. However, one of Buptoz‘s attack’s sent his weapon straight into the hands of the incensed golbin! The goblin pulls the axe away from Buptoz despite the size difference. The little goblin arced the axe back to ready a swing with the mighty weapon.

Augustus Sunborne and Buptoz jumped out the window they used to get inside while other party members entered the house in order to fight tiny goblin. The goblin began swing round and round like a top slashing anything he hit to pieces. The party watched in horror as the tiny goblin decimated the inside of the farmhouse. However, Arcades Rubik fired his gun into the whirling dervish of carnage. The goblin fell to the ground, but not before releasing his death grip on Buptoz’s axe. The axe ripped though the last remaining wall and the building crumbled around the heroes.

Augustus Sunborne, Adeamer Talos, and Tyberious Wrex rushed into the debris to help dig their friends out. Augustus Sunborne tended to the wounds while Chris uses his tracking skills to find where Buptoz’s axe had gone, but the party was dumbfounded as they could not find the tiny goblins body. Buptoz found only a wooden peg leg to keep as a trophy.

The heroes staggered through the debris of the farmhouse and though they knew the goblin threat wasn’t over, who was responsible for the attacks. A shadow of doubt also existed for how did the tiny goblin survive the last encounter and was this the last time the party would encounter him. None new for sure… But, a sinister darkness watched attentively…

Saturday January 28th, 2012

The group chooses to spend a few days within the Town of Adham and decided to split up and go about their own ways for the day. Arcades Rubik went to meet with Content Not Found: grommet-shearsbrow_ to bring him all the ingredients to make Fizban’s best. _Content Not Found: grommet-shearsbrow told him that it will take a day to make and to come back tomorrow. Petr Roy went to his room at the inn to read the book he obtained from the temple of Vecna while Adeamer Talos furthered his skills in his blacksmithing. Buptoz, Tyberious Wrex, and Chris Vlchek continued to try to impress Riffolk Scofflaw by completing his drinking challenge. Their attempts are in vain as they failed the challenge once again. Augustus Sunborne choose to continue to help the poor with his money and time. The people within the town are grateful and thank him for his kindness.

Arcades Rubik retrieved the completed batch of Fizban’s best and brought it to Guinness’s tower. The machines administer the liquid to the inanimate Gnome and he jumps up and begins speaking so fast it almost seams like gibberish. However, in between breathes the heroes are able to ask a few questions. Guinness. The party asked what happened to him and how he became damaged. Guinness tells them that he was working on a new device that used meteoric iron for power. He informed the party the machine malfunctioned and exploded which caused all the damage and incapacitated him. He mentioned he could not remember the last time something hurt him.
The party also asked about his origins. He described his “kind” was created more than 4,000 years ago as a group that was put together to save the world. He goes on to describe that about 1,000 years ago, after the fourth cataclysm, something damaged the “planetary network”, which was described as a network that connected all of his kind to a central information center and each other. The Vanguard asked him if they could help him restore this network but Guinness said it would require a special means of transportation the party was incapable of at this time. The Vanguard ask Guinness about others like him and if they would have met or know any of them. Guinness says there is one other of his kind in the town but he refuses to tell them who it is. Instead he starts to describe that there are different types of personalities that were created. He labels them ABCD personalities.

A – Aggressive, Energetic, and “Go-Getters”.
B – Passive Aggressive, Helpers, and “Caring Souls”
C – Thinkers, mentalists, and “Logical beings”.
D – Transients, Listeners, “Wishy-Washy Idealists”

Guinness described himself as an “A-C” personality. The conversation continues on for a couple more minutes with Guinness describing the Content Not Found: voltage-tuner and he also speaks of Galindor Evermask. He reveals the fact he and Galindor Evermask have always been able to communicate even while separated. Augustus Sunborne, when hearing about Galindor Evermask, informs Guinness of the towns recent disrepair and that Galindor Evermask was trying to rebuild and revive it to its old glory. Guinness informs the Vanguard he will go see Galindor Evermask and help him with the repairs on the town. He moves so fast most of the party doesn’t see him leave!

The Vanguard returned to the [[Warlock’s Purse]] to speak with Galindor Evermask about Guinness and the maybe shed some light on the link between them. On the way, the party noticed hundreds of Mechano Chickens repairing the town. However, the party noticed none of the mechanical devices around the Warlocks Purse. The party saw Galindor Evermask sitting with a tired and sad look upon his face. The Vanguard walked over and talks to him to see what’s wrong. He informs the party they will not be happy with allowing guinness’s plan to succeed but they seem more interested in getting him to reveal information about his relationship to guinness and this Planetary Network he was talking about. Galindor Evermask is uninterested in their questions and seems unwilling to continue speaking about this matter.

The party senses his discomfort and remembers they still need to go back to the Westerly Winds and help Hogni with his problem with the Red Fists. They change the subject and ask him questions about the Castello Assossi and the Red Fists interests in the land. Galindor Evermask confirms they already know about the land and its crops. Tyberious Wrex questions Galindor Evermask about Pharlip Altet and his wife and learns very little they didn’t know already. Before they depart to help Hogni they ask Galindor Evermask if he has received the deed for the Castello Assossi they gave him months back. He informs them he does and he hands it over to the party readily.

Before leaving town, Tyberious Wrex, Buptoz and Chris Vlchek attempt the drinking contest again, but fail once again. Adeamer Talos decides to go and improve his blacksmith talent and work at the local blacksmith. While there he notices there is a beautiful knife with a green glow sitting behind the counter. The smith tells Adeamer Talos that this is a custom knife for Galindor Evermask that he requested to be made for him. It has a coating of meteoric iron on it. Adeamer Talos takes note of this and realizes he must tell the group what he has seen. The heroes decide that it will be best to inform Guinness of this after they return from dealing with the red-fists.

The Vanguard leaves towards the Town of Westerly Winds where Aloden Kaiben and three soldiers sit awaiting the party. Adeamer Talos feels something is wrong and informs the group that this feels like a trap (It’s a Trap!!). The party strolled over to table where Hogni sat tied and gagged while Aloden Kaiben folded her hands and began to discuss terms of the deed’s surrender. The party begrudgingly agreed to yield the deed in exchange for the release of Hogni and 1100 GP. After the exchange, Aloden Kaiben whistled and a large unit of Red Fists appeared from their positions and dispersed leaving the heroes. The party released Hogni and he thanked the Vanguard for their help. With their business in the area over the party returned to the Town of Adham.

However, as the heroes reached the town they noticed it had changed! The town was reinforced with sheets of rusting metal providing shelter to everyone. Stone buildings that were nearly destroyed during the goblin attacks were now solid metal structures. Although they were not nearly as appealing as they once were, these buildings were functional once more. The Mechano Chickens were everywhere replacing damaged structures with the new metals while Guinness was nowhere be found. Tyberious Wrex decided to go to Lyne Trebuchet and find out what has been happening. However, when he arrived at the barracks there is a caravan of wagons outside the barracks loading to leave the city. Tyberious Wrex talks to Lyne Trebuchet and finds out that she is leaving the town as it has changed from her home to refuge camp. She stated she is going back to her home which is the City of Geley even though she feels that she will not be welcomed there. Tyberious Wrex finds the group and informs them of what is going on and they set out to find Guinness.

However, Augustus Sunborne ,Buptoz and Arcades Rubik find Guinness running around helping construction work and talk to him about the renovations going on and also to inform him of the knife Galindor Evermask has in his possession. He refused to believe that his best friend Galindor Evermask would ever harm him and that Galindor Evermask actually proves his friendship by sending gifts, granted the last one exploded before he could open it but it’s the thought that counts. He informed them that he has talked to Galindor Evermask and that things between them are just like old times. He also tells them that construction is moving along nicely and he is very busy. Augustus Sunborne makes mention that his temple in town could use some repair. Guinness is more than happy to help and informs Augustus Sunborne that he will gladly tear down the temple and build a new one for him. Guinness signals over to some Mechano Chickens and tells them to begin the project. Augustus Sunborne cries out and begins to run back to his temple to save it from destruction. When he reaches the temple the constructs were already busy replacing it with sheets of metal. Augustus Sunborne destroys several of them but stops to see there are hundreds… Realizing this he rejoins the rest of the group in hopes to find another way of saving his temple.

The group decides they need to find Guinness and stop him before the town was completely altered. The party finds Guinness and they try to convince him to stop because he is destroying the beauty and warmth of the town. However, the party fails to make Guinness comprehend he says he MUST continue to repair and provide homes for the people of the Town of Adham. The party then asks Galindor Evermask for his advice. He offers the group a set of options and reveals his familiar raven to the group. Galindor Evermask allows the group its services while they act in Galindor Evermask’s interest. The debate in the party rages on about the options until they come to the conclusion that they should let the situation play out and hope it can be salvaged. The party reluctantly went about their business and waited for the consequences of their actions. The days go by and they watch as the face of the city changes. Augustus Sunborne tries his best to salvage everything he can from his temple, while the rest spend their days in the Warlocks Purse. During the week Tyberious Wrex and Buptoz finally won the drinking contest that was presented to them and became students to Riffolk Scofflaw.

As the month ended, Galindor Evermask is emerged from his inn with Riffolk Scofflaw at his side. He walked to the center of the metal city and did not recognize his surroundings. He confronts Guinness in the middle of town and says a few inaudible words to him. Galindor Evermask unsheathes his new knife covered in meteoric iron, that Adeamer Talos had seen earlier, raises it above his head and stabs himself (To the surprise of many!). No one understands or can believe what happened. Guinness begins to sob and runs off with Galindor Evermask’s body in hopes he can help him. Riffolk Scofflaw lowers his head and begins to walk back to the [[Warlock’s Purse]]. The party starts to head back as well when out of nowhere Galindor Evermask’s raven appears and drops an envelope on the floor and seems to disintegrate into nothingness as it fly’s away. Petr Roy opens it carefully and begins to read:

Vanguard, it was my pleasure to meet you. Though I cannot help you directly, my raven may be able to help you. Best of luck heroes and may the wind be at your back!

Signed Galindor Evermask
The Raven

Distraught by the death of Galindor Evermask and the reveal of him being “The Raven” The group decided to go to the inn.

Petr Roy gets high with Mira Reed and spends the night with her. After a day of sadness they decide to seek the aid of the mountain guide and head to the Town of Xaros. They inform Tzar Everwind and begin their journey and ask if he would like to join them. He agrees and they set out leaving the Town of Adham.

The party arrived at the city to see several caravans sitting just outside of town. It appeared these caravans had been attacked (or sabotaged!) and needed repairs in order to continue on their trade routes. The party went to the [[Sage’s Cask]] and get comfortable. The party learned of the bandit issues on the outskirts of the town and some goblin attacks as well. Adeamer Talos gets recognized by the barkeep and strikes up a good conversation about his past. The party then rested at the Inn and made plans for the following day.
With Galindor Evermask gone what will the future of the Town of Adham be and is Guinness a good enough leader to manage all the demands of the city on his own? Time will tell, but is time on the heroes side?

Saturday January 14th, 2012

The party rested a few days to recuperate from retrieving the 2nd Power Node. The party choose to continue cleansing the temple of the last remaining Power Node and taking it for their own. Adeamer Talos had a personal interest in rescuing Mira so the party choose to set off to the temple.

The party enters the temple and once again examined the trap on these doors in hopes of disassembling them. However, the trap once again proves too demanding and the party sets the trap off trapping them within the temple for an hour. Buptoz enters the Power Nodes chamber and discovers it to be an emerald. However, the shrine’s voice boomed out over the heroes, “Protect the Temple from the heathens!”, another undead creature materialized to threaten the party, and Tyberious Wrex’s sword Moon Beam began to glow in a pale light! During the battle, Petr Roy collapsed onto the Power Node he was holding (Saving his life!). The battle raged on until Chris Vlchek and Buptoz delivered several powerful blows to the creature sending it back into the hell that spat it up. Thusly, the emerald defender of the altar had been destroyed!

However, no sooner than the last beast was defeated, the crystals shimmered with an unearthly power emptying their magic to the temple’s alter itself. The Power Nodes were left powerless, still gemstones of considerable size, but no longer radiant. The raspy voice once again addressed the party, “Come forth if you dare and face the true power of Vecna itself.” The party believed fighting this power at this time would be foolish, as most of them were wounded and exhausted. It was also believed Petr Roy’s research would grant some insight to defeating this being.

The party return to the town and Buptoz, Chris Vlchek, and Tyberious Wrex all try to complete Riffolk Scofflaw’s challenge. All three individuals fail their attempt while Petr Roy inquired about the use of Galindor Evermask’s alchemy lab. Arcades Rubik goes to his old friend Content Not Found: grommet-shearsbrow_ through town for Fizban’s best in order to help rebuild Guinness. Arcades Rubik was given a list of ingredients to collect in order to have _Content Not Found: grommet-shearsbrow craft it for him.

Adeamer Talos arrived so the party set off to rescue Mira Reed. The party arrived at the opening of a cave with goblin sign telling us, “Stay out (unless your name is bob!), else we die.” Chris Vlchek finds tracks and he determines that they were from a Halfling and less than a week old. The party drew its weapons and delved into the caverns.

Inside the party came upon 3 corridors. The party noticed broken weapons and bodies of goblins everywhere in the central cavern as if a battle had taken place here many months ago. The party chooses to take the right corridor which leads them to a deep chasm. There is insufficient light to see the bottom of the chasm a coin was dropped down into it to help determine its depth. It was thought to be three fathoms deep. However, as the noise of the coin echoes throughout the cavern Chris Vlchek looked around and tightened his grip on his blades feeling the presence some vile vermin. A single spider crawled from the depths and turned to attack the party, but Augustus Sunborne struck first sending the small creature flying off the cliff into the abyss! However, his face grew dark as he saw two dozen more of the creatures swarming up the wall towards him. Chris Vlchek struck hard against the mob of vermin with the support of the rest of the party and slew them to the last. A larger spider then descended to attack, but Arcades Rubik ripped out his guns and with a single motion filled the creature with holes killing it before it even reached the ground.

The party backtracked to the central cavern and went down into the central corridor. This corridor opened into a huge area with a lake. The cavern was filled with several large cocoons and a small ballista near the entrance with 4 regular bolts and one special bolt tethered to a chain. The party chooses to open several of the cocoons and the first two opened had small spiders inside of them which were dispatched by the party. The third cocoon had Mira Reed inside of it, but she was weak and unconscious. In addition, either due to the noise or bad luck the party came under attack by a huge spider lurking above them (The target of Mira?). Buptoz and Chris Vlchek fought the spider while Arcades Rubik and Tyberious Wrex try to load and fire the ballista. This spider seemed different than the ones the party had been fighting… It had armored chitin legs, much larger, and fought with far more ferocity. After it was injured, it began using its armored sections as a shield giving it added protection. Chris Vlchek launched a volley and one of the arrows struck its eyes blinding it for a brief second allowing Buptoz to get a single axe strike into its skull killing the creature. After resting for a moment, Buptoz jumped into the lake and felt the presence of a spirit while the others did the same. Some of the party also noticed a cloaked figure walk out of the lake and fade into the shadow, saying "Thank You.”

The party returned to the central cavern and ventured down the left corridor. The terrain changed from a cavern to a well constructed brick laid highway. This corridor leads the group to a massive door in the shape of a gear. The door had gears and small pistons over it and a small viewing panel which was closed from the other side. Just outside the door the party found an abandoned battle axe made of steel (of unusual construction!)! After several attempts the party, Adeamer Talos shocked the door with the two rings in hand and the door reacted. Gears moved, pistons banged, and a whistle blew, but the door still didn’t move. However, a short while the viewing panel opened and a voice ushered out, “Who be ye and what be yer business ere?” The party had their weapons drawn and he seemed cautious of the party’s intent.
The party believes they are speaking with a dwarf and they show some of the Content Not Found: metoric-iron_ they possess. Arcades Rubik informs the individual behind the panel that the group needs several items for Fizban’s best and the entity trades him some Content Not Found: elmer-s-flask_s for a piece of Content Not Found: metoric-iron. Though the party seeks entry, the guard will not allow them entry until they prove themselves. The Red Fists have taken an item from their guild and the party is to get it back if they want to gain entrance into the Gear Works 72.

The party then returns to town with Mira Reed who promises her assistance to the party for helping her! Tyberious Wrex sees a man have an argument with Tzar Everwind and has dragon blood as two blue wings sprout from his back and he flies away. The party also receives a letter from the Red Fists saying we must meet at a location east of the Town of Westerly Winds or Hogni will die.

Friday January 6th, 2012

When we last left our heroes they were resting the temple of Pelor within the Town of Adham. After a harrowing ordeal in Guinness’s tower the Vanguard took a small reprieve to lick their wounds. After their rest the party set off into the town to complete various tasks while Augustus Sunborne ventured into the town to visit Lyne Trebuchet. Augustus Sunborne was concerned with the current state of the temple of Pelor was visiting Lyne Trebuchet to inquire about masons to repair the temple. Lyne Trebuchet stated that all the masons in town were working for Galindor Evermask. She suggested Augustus Sunborne should discuss the situation with him. Augustus Sunborne noted that Lyne Trebuchet found it very curious that the masons in the city seemed to be focusing on “cosmetic” repairs such as the wellspring instead of important repairs such as the city walls. Though she seemed overjoyed the town was being cleaned up so she could help more in its restoration now that it wasn’t as dirty!

While Augustus Sunborne spoke with Lyne Trebuchet, Adeamer Talos visited the city’s blacksmith Content Not Found: robert-greys_. Content Not Found: robert-greys_ gave Adeamer Talos the opportunity to hone his craft and earn some coin. Chris Vlchek choose to have some fun with Content Not Found: ainen-trey. They enjoyed a nice day together though Chris Vlchek is concerned that she may be becoming a little over attached. Petr Roy, Tyberious Wrex and, Buptoz visited the [[Warlock’s Purse]]. Tyberious Wrex and Buptoz became interested in training under Riffolk Scofflaw. He asked them to drink five Gutshakers without puking to prove they were worth the effort to train. However, despite a cheering crowd they both failed the seemingly simple task to drink the fowl liquid.

After speaking with Lyne Trebuchet, Augustus Sunborne choose to visit the [[Warlock’s Purse]] to discuss hiring masons from Galindor Evermask to repair the temple. He informs Augustus Sunborne he will be able to supply the masons in two months time after he has finished repairing certain projects of his own. Augustus Sunborne spoke at great length with Galindor Evermask regarding their beliefs. Augustus Sunborne spoke of his ideals of the greater good and faith to Pelor. Galindor Evermask valued the ideas of order and logic of chance (Known as probability!). Galindor Evermask also spoke of his hate towards the gods (He referred to them as bastards!). During the conversation, Galindor Evermask informed him he would directly oppose his vision of the new town. However, he refused to speak of this plan in any detail leading many within the party to wonder what sort of plan he had in store for the town.
Tyberious Wrex and Buptoz visited Adeamer Talos and Content Not Found: robert-greys_ at his smithy. The Vanguard had come into possession (Thanks to the hardiness of Buptoz!) of a rare ore called Content Not Found: meteoric-iron_. They showed it to Robert in hoped he would be able to work with the metal to create superior weapons and armor. After his examination of this new metal, he concluded he could create a new alloy using Blue Iron and this Content Not Found: meteoric-iron. The party is excited to hear the possibility, but Content Not Found: robert-greys is missing the raw materials to research it further. He was able to smelt two pounds of the raw ore into ingots for future use though. Arcades Rubik spent the day studying his new schematics.

The next day the party decided to continue to cleanse the temple of Pelor from the undead underneath it. As they reached the alter room, the ominous voice they had heard before asked them to present an offering as tribute. Augustus Sunborne demanded the evil leave the temple grounds forever. However, the ominous voice responded, “You have no right to make that demand here priest of Pelor!“ Shadows swirled towards the party revealing eleven menacing dark figures. Augustus Sunborne raised his holy symbol and shouted his holy litany at the dark shapes annihilating six figures leaving small Soul Shards in their place. However, the remaining shadows fought with unholy vigor against the party inflicting terrible damage before being destroyed. Petr Roy collected the Soul Shards so they could be destroyed to free the spirits within.

After the battle Arcades Rubik approached the two unopened doors in the altar room. He found traps on each door and realized these magical traps are beyond his abilities to remove. He did learn the traps seal the catacombs for one hour after being triggered limiting the parties retreat. He opened the south door leading to another room containing a ruby Power Node. However, the ominous voice within the temple called for another defender to protect the treasure. Without a sound, another large shadow beast materialized to defend the Power Node. The shadow beast fought with the same vigor and ability as the last one the heroes fought, but it was wreathed with red flames about it. Moon Beam erupted with energy casting its glow over the temple alter area. The creature’s attacks are met with the coordinated defenses the party brought to combat the creature and despite the powerful attacks, it is annihilated under the party’s strength. The Vanguard struck the creature down leaving nothing but a large steaming Soul Shard on the floor . However, despite the heroes best efforts one Power Node remained. The party collected the soul gems and ruby Power Node and returned to the surface while Augustus Sunborne planned his return trip to cleanse the temple.

Over the next few days the party rests and recuperates its lost strength while they decide who should destroy the Soul Shards. Petr Roy began reading the book found in the temple of Vecna under the Pelor temple (much to Augustus’s dismay). Tyberious Wrex and Buptoz once again attempt to drink five Gutshakers in a row. However, they leave the inn with the foul taste of defeat in their mouth (Though it may just be vomit!). Adeamer Talos spent the next few days studying and honing his skills while Arcades Rubik continued his research on how to build the droids the party battled in Guinness’s tower. Augustus Sunborne attempts to spread the good word of Pelor but Galindor Evermask foils the attempt with a few well chosen words.

Once the party regained their strength they chose to head to the gnomish district in the Town of Adham known as Tinsel Town. They asked the residents of the district if they would know where they could some Fizban’s best. Most of residents directed them towards Guinness’s tower. The Vanguard knew they could acquire it there, but do not wish to fight the horrible mechanical spider. A few residents also believe Galindor Evermask may have a supply of the liquid and that it is within his warehouse but no one seems to be able to find it (a form of protection?). One rumor suggested the entrance may exist within the Warlocks Purse itself.

Arcades Rubik departed for the [[Warlock’s Purse]] to see if the rumor had any truth to it. He investigated the dining room of the Inn and noticed three paintings on the wall that are of some interest. The first painting is of Galindor Evermask himself, the second painting displays the exterior of the [[Warlock’s Purse]], and the third painting is of a nearby mountain range. The mountains seem to have a pattern to them as if the painter was standing in a particular location to arrange them in a fashion! Arcades Rubik follows the gaze of where Galindor Evermask’s painting is peering at and finds a panel on the wall. However, he doesn’t have the slightest idea on how to open it. Galindor Evermask informs the party he is not familiar with this said secret door and states the heroes may investigate anything within the Inn so long as they do not damage his home or his favorite paintings (Specifically his!).

A short time after searching throughout the city the party is approached by a messenger boy who tells them Galindor Evermask has asked for their presence in the [[Warlock’s Purse]] to discuss a matter of some importance. The party quickly assembled to the Inn to speak with Galindor Evermask who states Mira Reed has set off to avenge her family by attempting to slay a giant spider responsible for killing her family. Galindor Evermask believes that she is in grave danger and will surely die in a short time. The party decides they must save Mira Reed.

Will the Vanguard be able to save Mira from a gruesome death? Will they be able to return Guinness to his normal state? What about the shrine under the temple? What forces conspire to harm those closest to the heroes and what role does Galindor play in this? Prepare heroes, for this is only a taste of what is to come!


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